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Holiday Gifting

The holidays are a perfect occasion to elevate your company’s profile. If you have a clear brand message and want to communicate it in a memorable way, True North is here to help. We curate gift boxes that are thoughtful and creative while also professional and appropriate for your client or event. We incorporate your branding while ensuring the gift boxes are personal as well as memorable.

We value our clients as much as you do yours.

Oh Canada!

The best that Canada offers, this luxury gift box contains: a 200ml bottle of Canadian white wine, 2 cans of smoked salmon pate, Canadian maple syrup, Fraktals  belgian chocolate  butter crunch and a can of High Park English special ale. Everything handcrafted in the true north.

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Happy Holidays

The perfect gift for employees that offers a wide range of gifts beyond the regular chocolates and wine. We added some holiday fun and unexpected quality gifts to this luxury gift box that includes: a tin of premium Christmas tea, a pair of traditional red stripe socks, a Christmas trivia game, a curling stone mug, a jar of holiday spice Canadian honey, hot chocolate and a chocolate hockey puck.

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Irish Bliss

For coffee drinkers that like an extra indulgence, this luxury gift box contains: a 200 ml bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream, an  Irish coffee glass, 340 ml of Giddy medium roast coffee, 2 packages of Irish Cream hot chocolate and  chocolate truffles. *Bailey’s Irish Cream not made in Canada.

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An exciting new client, a gift for new homeowners from  their wonderful real estate agent or any deserving employee, this gift fits the bill. This luxury box contains: a 375 ml bottle of Moet and Chandon Champagne, two crystal champagne flutes and two hand crafted gold dust coasters.

* Champagne not made in Canada

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Tea Time

The perfect gift for a tea lover. This luxury box contains: an infuser tea mug with lid, a tin or premium earl grey tea, a jar of local strawberry jam, a jar of local blueberry jam and a box of vanilla shortbread cookies.

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